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Spiritual Warfare & The Paranormal: Inside America's Alien Cult and UFO Hunters

Updated: Apr 15

Video from TRT World

Inside America's Alien Cult and UFO Hunters

"In 'My America', Yunus Paksoy travels across the country to gain an understanding of people and groups the mainstream media is often accused of ignoring. In this episode, we meet people who have dedicated their lives to proving that extraterrestrials exist, including Raelians who also believe in their superiority." from video introduction.

New Age Religion/Demonic Worship

Video from The New York Times

"In the mid-1950s, an English taxi driver named George King claimed that he had received a directive from outer space. The dispatch spurred him to establish the Aetherius Society, a religious group that believes communicating and working with aliens will better humanity. Though unconventional, the group’s practices aren’t dangerous or hateful; they often mirror those of more established religions, with an extraterrestrial twist. In Annalise Pasztor's "Gods From Space," members of the Aetherius Society explain their mission of peace and their unique prayer method in times of crisis. We don’t know how many people this group comprises overall, but with 35 centers across five continents, it’s a small international community bonded by the belief that the earth needs extraterrestrial support to survive. Read the story here:" from video introduction.

As you can see New Age/Old Age is alive and well in our world as people worship Aliens as produced by Demonic deception.

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