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Stewarding Your Life Season - Kathryn Butler

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

Stewarding Your Life Season
Stewarding Your Life Season

What season of life are you in? Have you thought about it, have your prayed about it?

All of us so easily become enamored of the gitfs God gives us and we begin to worship them, it could be our careers or many other things.

Your life is short, today or tomorrow you could die and stnd before your Lord.

Kathryn Butler left behind her career as a doctor to become a stay at home mom and a writer.


Are you worshipping something otehr than God? Is your job or something else what you are consumed by? We make many excuses.

This excellent video discussed our blind spots and how we need to make Christ the center of our lives and not what he has gifted us with.

Video from Revive Our Hearts

"Accolades abound when a woman works hard and succeeds in her career. It’s definitely something to celebrate! But when she chooses to set aside the career and stay home with her children, many moms hear only crickets. Dr. Kathryn Butler shares the thoughts and emotions surrounding her own journey from the hospital to home." from video introduction

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