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Sublime Symmetry - The Ceramics of William De Morgan

Sublime Symmetry - The Ceramics of William De Morgan

"As we prepare for Sublime Symmetry to go on display at Blackwell, Arts & Crafts House in Windermere from 1st March to 6th October 2024

you can enjoy learning more about this mathematical exhibition.

William De Morgan was the premiere ceramic designer of the Victorian period. Friends with William Morris and Edward Burne-Jones, he is an important figure in Pre-Raphaelite and Victorian art and design.

His fabulous ceramic designs were underpinned by mathematics. This is possibly due to his interest in the subject being ignited by his father Augustus, a celebrated Victorian mathematician. He also worked first hand with tiles form the Islamic world and their geometric designs had an impact on his own.

Join Sarah Hardy, Director of the De Morgan Museum, for this talk which explores De Morgan's designs and ceramics from a mathematical perspective." from the video


"William De Morgan (1839 – 1917) was far more than William Morris’s potter friend, as he is often remembered. He was the most inventive and innovative designer of the Arts and Crafts Movement.

He began his formal training as a fine artist, before being led by his scientific and mathematical investigations to the decorative arts, creating stained glass, designing his own kilns, undertaking investigations in chemistry to create innovative lustre glazes and, finally, enjoying a second career as an author of popular fiction.." from

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