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Taking Theology and Spiritual Disciplines into the Marketplace - Dallas Willard

Updated: Feb 25

Video from Biola University

Taking Theology and Spiritual Disciplines into the Marketplace- Dallas Willard

"Dr. Dallas Willard, Professor of Philosophy at the University of Southern California, discusses the interaction of theology and the workplace. This video is a part of the Leadership Lecture Series, and was recorded September 16, 2011 at the Talbot School of Theology Faculty Retreat in La Quinta, CA." from video introduction.

"Only a few decades ago, well past the Second World War and into the early Sixties, American culture was almost universally regarded as based upon Christianity. Most leaders, as well as people generally, not only accepted this basis as a fact, but also more-or-less firmly agreed that that is how things ought to be.

This was especially true of educational institutions. Speeches by the Presidents of even the state schools, such as the University of California at Berkeley, often could have passed for Christian sermons. And even as late as 1965, when I came on the faculty of the University of Southern California, the prayers which the Chaplain delivered on public occasions were noticeably Christian prayers by a clearly Christian person. While that was viewed by some individuals with scepticism, boredom, or even resentment, the cultural prerogative that Christianity enjoyed was generally conceded a certain right.

No longer!

Now the university Chaplain, here or at other secular schools where there still is such an office, would never mention the name of Jesus as a basis of public prayer, but will with great care work in a little Taoism, some Vedanta or Islam, or even words that can be construed as invoking “The Goddess.” And the university President may be a member of some Christian denomination. But Christian ideas and motivations will no longer be appealed to in whatever directions or appeals he or she may publicly express..." from the article: Being a Christian in a Pluralistic Society

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