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Tears of Thankfulness Flowed in Repentance Today! Please Pray for This Little Ministry!

Video from Upper Room Christian Fellowship

"Jesus is So Awesome!!! People beginning to come forward with faith, asking God for restoration! Wow! We were so blessed to see The Lord moving! Please keep this in prayer, as the enemy is trying to stop this by the "rich young ruler" (landowner) whom claimed to be a christian whom no longer wants us on his parking lot helping "these" kind of people as he worded it. the rich ruler is a very angry man, and we lifted him up in prayer that The Lord would forgive him and deliver him. We have been in this "unposted" "unutilized" lot for a month now for a hour and a half early on sunday mornings and clean up after we leave. And no matter how gentle I was with him he would not bend. BUT GOD IS ALWAYS VICTORIOUS IN THESE SITUATIONS. I finished with challenging the mans christianity and he left even more angry. I sincerely did this as gently as possible. But God is going to continue to move, and we are going to continue to Go! So please pray for us. Blessings. We are praying for a building where we can begin discipleship classes to raise up a army of UNCHURCHED WARRIORS FOR JESUS! PLEASE JOIN OUR PRAYERS!" from video introduction.

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