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Ten Things I Wish Older Christians Taught Me - Frank Viola

Updated: Apr 5

Ten Things I Wish Older Christians Taught Me - Frank Viola

“The man who views the world at 50 the same way he did at 20 has wasted 30 years of his life.”

~ Muhammad Ali

1) You’ll turn your head and you’ll be 40 years old. So live in the present and savor every moment. You cannot rewind the clock of your life.

2) Life won’t get easier. So learn to accept trials, disappointments, suffering, and incalculable loss.

3) Christians will break your heart.

4) A great deal of what you are certain about now, you’ll question later in life.

5) The commitments you made in your teens and 20s will be severely tested in your early 30s.

6) Things aren’t always what they seem.

7) The greater the spiritual impact you will have, the greater your sufferings will be.

8) Jealousy is at the root of most divisions, conflicts, and persecutions.

9) Transformation is a (really) slow process.

10) When someone imputes evil motives to another person’s heart, they are merely revealing what’s in their own.

from the blog:

Consider your age and the time you have spent on this earth. God has placed you here, given you life and abilities to honor him and serve others. Reflect on your life for a few minutes. What should you repent of, who should you apologize to or forgive, and whom should you serve who needs help? Your life could end today or tomorrow. What will you do now in this moment to glorify your Lord? Is there Godly wisdom you can pass on to younger people, younger Christians? What are you waiting for?

Frank Viola
Frank Viola

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