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That Pink Stuff - Doug Wilson

Video from Blog & Mablog

"In this episode of Blog & Mablog, Pastor Doug Wilson discusses Trump, chemotherapy in politics, and the upcoming 2024 elections." from video introduction



So Donald Trump has announced his candidacy for the Republican nomination, and this sets up any number of miscomponderables. We shall have to think this through, you and I.

The fact that I am going to say what I think—straight, no chaser—should not be taken as an indication that I am going to say it in an agitated manner. No, no, not at all. It is possible to state the facts, and to exhibit the implications, and all while aping the demeanor of the Buddha contemplating a collection of lilies in a Japanese Pond Garden. Just watch. And yes, aping is the verb I want.

I am going the calm route instead of the rant route because in addition to the points I wish to make I also want to illustrate an interesting development in ethical theory. It used to be thought that vile behavior was when you engaged in vile behavior. Now vile behavior is anything that causes someone else to engage in vile behavior. Since we are dealing with a certain kind of person, this can always be arranged. Just watch...

That Pink Stuff

I have argued before that Trump was the nation’s chemotherapy. He is toxic, and you wouldn’t ever want to inject him into a healthy body, because what would be the point of that? But the logic of chemo is that a body riddled with cancer is already dying, and the toxin is introduced with the purpose of killing the cancer faster than it kills the healthy body. That’s the theory anyway. Trump was like that. Trump was introduced into the body politic, and there was a marked coarsening of our public discourse, as in, mean tweets. But at the same time, after two years of him, the tumors were one quarter the size. I am not trying to damn Trump effect with faint praise here. This is true praise, although the Trump effect is to be distinguished from Trump the man.

During this process, the worst thing about our diseased body politic is that it was constantly preening itself about how health conscious it was, and was constantly treating cancerous skin splotches with spray tan. The previous size of the tumors had become a matter of pride for them, actually. We were then in the position of having the cancer lecture us incessantly about how toxic the chemo was.

But let me change the analogy to make another related point, and please note this is not something that Trump himself has done, but rather something that the presence of Trump has revealed..." from the website:

Ok so as I have said before I admire Doug's grit and his opinion most of the time. And although I completely understand his analogy that Trump was America's chemotherapy I must tell him as a multiple cancer survivor who has seen plenty of chemotherapy that Chemo kills many that its trying to save.

If Trump burns the house down and expels the cancer what is left? Are we then destined to be ruled by the Marjorie Taylor Greens of the world? Just asking??????? - Andy

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