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The Art Of Spiritual Conversations

Updated: Jul 2

Video from Explore God

The Art Of Spiritual Conversations

Are there good and bad ways to talk to someone about God? Watch these speakers share their thoughts on how to start healthy spiritual conversations.

How do you talk to people about God or faith?

Most Christians feel helpless when it comes to discussing Christ with our friends and family. It is all to easy to justify a self-centeredness that ignores our neighbors. We question the truths of our faith that would allow us to speak and help break peoples bonds to sin all in exchange for a comfortable silence. Let's be brutally honest with ourselves, we are content to disregard our fears, rationalize any obstacles, and nurture our self-centeredness. We convince ourselves that someone else will share the gospel; or that the hassle is not worth it; or that God will take care of those people.

But the reality is we are tasked with Discipleship, the Great Commission by our Lord and Savior Christ Jesus. We must be prepared to give an answer. If today you are not prepared then do so now, time is short. Watch TV less, read the bible more, confess your sins, repent.


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