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The Beauty Between Thoughts Official Trailer

There is much wisdom in this video.

The sufferings of our short lives can and do lend themselves to our flourishing. Life for most of us, often due to our sinful natures, is harsh and unfair.

How we respond (through our relationship with God and the help of those around us) can help us find beauty (and creativity) in our thoughts.

Enjoy this trailer for the documentary.

The Beauty Between Thoughts Official Trailer

"What is The Beauty Between Your Thoughts?

Directed by Tijn van Gimst, "The Beauty Between Thoughts" is a #documentary that ventures into the realm of #nonlinear thinking, illustrating how spaces between our thoughts can be sources of profound creativity and insight. Filmed in the serene forests of the Netherlands, this film follows the life of Perry Knoppert, who, after overcoming tremendous personal challenges including homelessness and a life-threatening brain infection, founded a global movement advocating for nonlinear thinking as a tool to solve complex problems.

The documentary poses the intriguing question, "Where are you between two thoughts?" and explores Perry's journey living with his three children and dog Charlotte, embracing a lifestyle deeply connected with nature and the principles of the Human Mycelium. His story, a testament to resilience and the power of unconventional thinking, invites viewers to reflect on the unexplored potential within their own minds, challenging them to find beauty and innovation in the quiet moments of contemplation. "The Beauty Between Thoughts" is more than a #film; it's an exploration of how the spaces between our structured thoughts hold the key to understanding life's intricate symphony." from the video introduction

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