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The Bible Project - An Excellent Daily Resource

Updated: Sep 20, 2022

Bible resources are available now in ways or forebears could never have imagined. Paradoxically Biblical illiteracy is at an all-time high among Christians.

In as much as all of us have different learning styles one of the more recent innovations has been The Bible Project.

The Bible Project was started by Jonathan Collins the writer and creative director (B.A. in Biblical Studies from Multnomah University). Tim Mackie is also a writer and creative director with a Ph.D. in Semitic Languages and Biblical Studies from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. You can also listen to some wonderful lectures/sermons on Youtube by Tim Mackey

Tim Mackey Archives

The Bible Project is a non-profit that creates short, animated videos for each book of the Bible, as well as its central themes, free to the viewer. These videos provide an approachable way to become familiar with the narrative of Scripture.

Please check them out, most are under 10 minutes and they cover all of the Bible old and New Testament. They are great for students as they pictorially explain scripture and Theology in simple yet comprehensive terms. A poster size book of all the books of the Bible is available on Amazon.

If you have time going through the Old and New Testament by yourself or with others is a wonderful way to learn about The Book of Books!


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