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The Connection Between the Constitution and the Declaration ( 1 of 24)

Video from Hillsdale College

"There is an indispensable relationship between the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. This lesson explores the universal principles outlined in the Declaration and their implications for the form of just government. Discover the profound truths of the Constitution in an entirely new way through Hillsdale College’s “Introduction to the Constitution.” Find yourself at the table with Dr. Larry Arnn, as he teaches his students the principles of liberty. Experience the lively discussions that take place as students explore the implications and beauty of our Constitution." from video introduction.

Do any of you remember Civics class in public school? I give away my age when I recall back in the early 1960's being taught civics. Sadly the fact is most Americans today have no idea how their government works. Some Americans are very good at complaining about it but and not voting yet reluctant to make an effort to learn anything about what we call "civics". With that in mind I will be presenting 24 videos from Hillsdale College from their courses. - Andy

"How well are schools preparing students to be effective citizens, voters, and members of their communities? This question seems more relevant than ever in the current era of contentious and polarized politics. Students recently earned national attention by organizing the March for Our Lives, a student-led demonstration against gun violence with marches occurring worldwide. This surge of political activism by young people demonstrates a high capacity for political engagement among students. Yet at the same time, real concerns persist about the extent to which schools are equipping all students with the skills they need to be effective citizens, and whether some students will leave school more prepared than others..." from the article: What does civics education look like in America?

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