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The Decline & Fall of Christianity in America--and The Rise of The Antichrist's World

Updated: Mar 3

Video from DTBM

The Decline & Fall of Christianity in America--and The Rise of The Antichrist's World

"All around us, the winds of apostasy are blowing stronger each day. As we open to Revelation 6, let me ask you: Are you anchored in the Doctrine of Christ? More and more individuals who claim to be born-again Christians, and their churches and their denominations are slowly caving into growing public opinion and societal pressures. Satan, the god of this world is more at work than ever before. He is older, smarter, and has a vast communications system of world media consumption. Our world is slowly self-defining God and His laws instead of honoring His Word. That falling away is called apostasy in the Bible from the compound Greek words: apo (from) and histemi (standing): apostasy – literally, "a leaving, from a previous standing." Beware of Apostasy Apostasy is not only denial of the Deity of Christ or the Trinity of God. Apostasy also encompasses the denial of Creation as described by the Bible, and substitutes ideas postulated by creatures, over the record given by the Creator. Apostasy also denies that: • Life begins at conception (as the Bible says); and that • Marriage was designed by God only for a man and a woman (as the Bible says); and that • Homosexuality is a sin just like fornication, adultery, and drunkenness (as the Bible says); and that • Lying, stealing, pride, haughtiness, greed, disobedience to parents, drug usage, and witchcraft are all abominable sins (as the Bible says). The winds are blowing stronger each day away from God in this world. It is like the start of a hurricane. Each hour the winds creep up in their strength, the trees and buildings sway, then bend, then often crack under the relentless push." from video introduction.

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