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The Fundamental Difference Between Stories And Reality Episode 1

Video from LSOO

"Why are stories so purposefully structured whereas our reality is so often messy and chaotic? Why do characters have clear transformative arcs when our identities and personal journeys are so much more complex than that? It's questions like these, and their implications that will be explored in this new series on stories versus reality. In this first episode, I’ll be examining the foundations of storytelling, and the fundamental difference between stories and reality." from video introduction

In this time in the history of the nation and world we are questioning reality as many have denied it. The delusions brought about by social media, conspiracy theories etc. have taken root with many people actually living in a perceived alternate reality irrespective of any actual truth put before them.

So considering we all are living out our life's stories at this very moment it is wise to consider what stories are vs reality. As always LSOO gives us an excellent overview even though not exclusively Christian he does incorporate metaphysical knowledge and Christian principles.

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