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"The Good Life in Great Books" Karen Swallow Prior"

Updated: Nov 22, 2022

Video from Anselm House St. Paul Study Center

"Our desires are shaped by both knowledge and practice. Visions of the good life presented in the world’s best literature can be agents for cultivating knowledge of and desire for the good. In this year's Holmer Lecture (the 20th annual), Dr. Karen Swallow Prior explores the ways great books cultivate knowledge, form desire, and thereby profoundly shape the personal and spiritual lives of their readers." from video introduction.

Christianity is bookish. Books, letters, and literacy form an ancient bond with God's Word. We are a people of the Book , we are readers and writers. We are forward-looking and bookish and we will not stop writing and publishing until the earth knows the truth (Habakkuk 2:14; Isaiah 11:9).

Early Christians used the technology of the day for serious truth. They wrote a lot and long, but they didn’t wait until life was comfortable. This is our heritage today: bookish people of words, words, and more words, in service of the God who is holy, holy, holy!


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