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The Hypocrisy of Christian Antisemitism - Dr. Seth Postell

Video from One for Israel

"From the headlines on the news, to the comments on social media we've seen a huge uptick in antisemitism around the world. But what's most disturbing is when we see these remarks among people who claim to be followers of Jesus. Dig in with Dr. Seth Postell as he shares about the insanity of Christian antisemitism and what it means to love the Jewish people. Dr. Postell is the academic dean at our Bible college in Israel, learn more about our ministry in Israel in the link below." from video introduction.

Are you a Christian that has developed a dislike or hatred for the Jews? God's chosen people. If you have repent. Whatever evil and false information you have listened to has turned you away from your Lord. Whatever sins the nation of Israel has committed against the Palestinians or anyone else does not disqualify them as God's Chosen people. Ad the church of today has not replace the Jewish people. That is Satanic and heresy. Listen to what Dr. Postell has to say.

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