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The Invisible Realm Series (Part 1) The BibleProject

Updated: Sep 22, 2022

"In the first pages of the Bible, we’re introduced to God and humans as the main characters. But there’s also a whole cast of spiritual beings who play an important role throughout the Bible, though they’re often in the background. In this video, we begin to explore these beings and how they fit into the unified storyline of the Bible." from the Bible Project

Recently I heard an interview in which Franklin Graham said the attacks on our president were demonic. Now there are many who understand this and take it to heart. The world we all live in is fallen, broken and sinful yet it is still God's world. The Bible tells us many things and some of the descriptions of Gods world about heaven and Earth are difficult for our Western science oriented mindset to grasp. The bible opens with not only God and then humans but also spiritual beings referred to in Hebrew as Elohim. These are spiritual beings that work among us with purpose. We meet one of them in the Garden as a serpent. This Elohim is part of a spiritual rebellion that goes with Adam and Eve out into the world and remain with this to this day.

Our culture has become so naturalistic and narrow minded we fail to see God's hand in all of our world and cosmos.

However in other cultures around our world today people are aware of the invisible realm and the impact it has on them.

The Bible and the Torah explain the distinctions in the invisible realm and our earthly realm. Both are occupied with creatures that do many things and interact with each other.

When someone says that there are demonic attacks what do they mean?

We begin our discussion of The Invisible Realm with a video from The Bible Project. there will be at least six more, one per week and several posts as well. My goal is to educate you as to why there is more to our world than meets the eye!

Future videos will be about Elohim, The Divine Council, Angels & Cherubim, The Angel of the Lord, The Satan and Demons, and The New Humanity (Jesus).


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