The Key and the Cornerstone

The Key Maker

We all will find something or someone in life to focus on to worship. In our shallow culture many worship celebrities with many examples like Pop Singer Michael Jackson and Princess Diane or Basket- Ball Star Kobe Bryant. Around the world people in different cultures worship different things or people both dead and alive just as we do. But as we have seen those people are gone and the sad reality is, they were not exemplary examples of anything, they were sinful broken humans like all the rest of us.

Cults of personality are nothing new and we are seeing that in a big way today in American politics in which many people, many Christians believe a politician can fix everything. People are lead astray and into evil and apostasy in these movements. All these things, including many of the groups that have splintered off in Christianity are counterfeit as well. The Holy Word does not spend a lot of time breaking down the right, and left and middle and progressive or evangelical etc.

If we all would but notice and some have that the darkest of times, the most difficult lead us back to Christ, no one else. Many of you out there have experienced a wide variety of adversity or tragedy during this ongoing pandemic, your life has been changed. Yet the pandemic has proven to be only one facet of God’s unfolding plan. As the world marches on to Christ’s second coming you and I age and enter and leave different seasons. Christ and the person of the Holy Spirit are intimately involved in the functioning of life and the world. God sustains his creation and maintains it ALL day to day. There are no secrets, no secret sins all are laid bare before him.

Philippians 3:10 10 that I may know him and the power of his resurrection, and may share his sufferings, becoming like him in his death,

This fact is our cornerstone, the Cornerstone of what is the Ultimate Reality of this futile and broken world. If I or anyone just tells you Christ is alive, and you do not go beyond that it is just an academic point or idea among many. That is why for many self-proclaimed Christians they do not really know Christ as a person or a personal savior they just know him as an idea or related to an activity called Church.

Christ is the Chief Cornerstone

The ultimate reality that goes beyond what we see in a glass darkly, before us is Christ and Christ resurrected. Everything depends on that fact. Jonathon Edwards once said and I paraphrase the difference between knowing about honey’s sweetness when someone describes it to you, and knowing honey is sweet because you have tasted it is totally different.

Christ not only holds the Keys to Eternity He is also the Key-maker to a House on which He is also the Cornerstone. You see Christ is ever before us and we must be repeatedly taught and reminded of what reality is. Our sin nature keeps us in almost constant rebellion. Whether you realize it or not Christ is holding you together, praise him and make Christ the first person you speak to everyday.

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