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The Mandelbrot Set Shows God's Mind

Updated: Sep 12

Video from Answers in Genesis

The Mandelbrot Set Shows God's Mind

Atheists CANNOT Explain This Secret Code Seen in Creation

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Fractals: The Secret Code of Creation

"What if mathematicians discovered a secret code embedded in math itself? What would that mean? Suppose that when analyzing certain sets of numbers, we found an amazing work of art embedded in them, far more intricate and complex than any work of man. How would we make sense of such complex beauty in something as simple as numbers? Who put it there? In fact, just such a code of astounding beauty was discovered in the 1980s. Artwork of tremendous beauty and infinite complexity had been hidden in numbers from the beginning of time. Yet it lay undiscovered until computer technology had advanced to the point that otherwise tedious computations could be performed with rapid efficiency. The beautiful images in this book are not the work of man. They are the very images that were discovered in sets of numbers, hidden in plain sight. How can we make sense.." from the article: Fractals: The Secret Code of Creation

If you can cope with all the math this video and article has some very interesting points to make. - Andy


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