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The Metaverse? - Doug Wilson

Video from Canon Press

As always Pastor Doug gives us a sobering analysis of the new world called "The Metaverse".

"Metaverse is a combination of meta- and universe.Meta- refers to something transcendent or next-level and all-encompassing. For example, a “metatag” of this web page is a description of what the article is about. Similarly, the “metanarrative” of the Bible is God’s plan of salvation through Christ.

Broadly, “The Metaverse” is the collection of digital spaces where people interact with each other and those systems. It includes everything from social media platforms to video games to online banking sites. The ultimate expression of a system within the metaverse would be a virtual reality (VR) “world” much like the video game in the movie Ready Player One. Virtual realities such as those in The Matrix aren’t metaverses, since the people inside them aren’t meant to realize they’re artificial. The holodeck—seen in Star Trek—is close to a metaverse, since people know it’s virtual. Yet the holodeck is meant to be “almost real,” as compared to a deliberately stylized metaverse. Digital spaces such as those in the Tron films are something like “behind the scenes” experiences, not metaverses.

The concept of a fully immersive simulated experience, and the dangers it could produce, has been a part of science fiction for more than a century. An especially strong example is Laurence Manning’s The Man Who Awoke (1933). His story features a man who spends millennia in periods of suspended animation. In between those periods, he observes humanity’s collapse as it relies more and more on artificial intelligence, virtual realities, and machines..." from the article: What is the metaverse?


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