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The Nephilim In Light Of The New Testament - Michael Heiser

Updated: Dec 17, 2021

Video from Houseform Apologetics

"The Nephilim bloodlines died out according to scripture—for the traditional MT texts, this would be around the time of David. The LXX has the Nephilim, Anakim specifically, dying out a little later, during the prophetic era, the era of the divided monarchy—around as long as the days of Jeremiah. There is no scriptural basis for a continuing Nephilim bloodline beyond the points that they were judged in the OT. Matthew 24 is the chapter people will bring up—however, there are two fundamental problems with a re-emerging nephilim bloodline idea: (1) If Matthew really wanted to take our minds back to Genesis 6—what he would do is the same thing he does dozens of other places and what the NT writers do hundreds of other places—they would quote part of the Greek OT, the LXX. If you look at the Greek of Matthew 24, like the terms marrying and given in marriage, does any of that show up in Genesis 6? The answer is no, not a single word of it. (2) Next, if you look at the entire passage, there are at least four points of description for as were the days of Noah (cf. Matthew 24:37–38)." from video introduction.

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