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The Power of the Songs of Scripture -Nancy Guthrie

Updated: Jun 18, 2022

"Nancy Guthrie teaches on James chapters 4 and 5 and paints a picture of two different songs being sung to us—the world’s song of self-indulgence and self-accomplishment, and the song of God’s sovereign plan of patient endurance through suffering. She explains that we must reject the world’s song and instead, sing the song of Scripture, which tells us to wait patiently for the coming of the Lord. Singing God’s song of Scripture so that it comes out in our dreams, ambitions, and plans is the way to endure suffering. Guthrie encourages steadfast waiting with two reminders: 1. The prophets suffered and were blessed, and so will we be. 2. Consider Job, who refused to give up on God, and be sure that God will work in and through the worst things in our lives to refine us as we wait on him.' from video introduction.

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