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The Right's Fight to Make America a Christian Nation

Video from CBS News

"Freedom of religion is enshrined in the U.S. Constitution. But the role that religious beliefs should play in public life has never been more contentious. As part of the Speaking Frankly series, this CBSN Originals documentary explores the fusion of faith and politics in a movement that envisions the U.S. as a Christian nation." from video introduction.

This debate and ideology is one of the many things we as Christians need to try to understand.

So we know that the founding fathers based our nation on Christian principles even though some of them were not Christian. Clearly God was at work. And yes God is at work to day and so is Stan and so are our sinful natures. Gods plan cannot be thwarted. But he will give us enough freedom to advance the kingdom or choose folly and sin.

A nation that has some Christian principles will no doubt be blessed by God. The reality is we are all living in a world that God has allowed evil to operate. The Powers and Principalities both human and Satanic are at work.

The work we always need to do starts within us, our faith and obedience to Christ and it goes out from there into the world. Just as we cannot pray or force revival into being we cannot remake America into something it can never be - a Christian Nation.

If we want to deconstruct society and help make it better we can only do so if we are personally in fellowship with Christ and a functioning member of the Body of Christ - the Church.

Reflect on your faith and your life and help make America a Christian Nation through your daily relationship with Christ Jesus!

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