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The Bible is Boring to Many Christians

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

THE BIBLE is BORING to Many Christians?

Video from Revealing Truth

The Bible is Boring to Many Christians

"Is the Bible boring to read to some Christians? If so, then what would be the reason for this?" from video introduction

People Don’t Read the Bible

If people claim Christ as their Lord it would only be expected that they would seek Christ-likeness through the Bible. To be a Christian that doesn’t bother reading Holy Scripture is on a par with an athlete that never works out.

Most Christians I know are not serious students of God's Word. They gather bites here and there through s few sermons, but mostly through pop culture to build their base of knowledge. That said we know then why there are so many lukewarm and ineffective Christians.

The Christian Way of Life IS a Way of Life, it is not just another preference or activity. For many Church is a social activity which in and of itself is not a bad thing however many will make it the main thing.

Diminished Knowledge

Christians actually diminish their biblical understanding by memorizing a couple of verses, which is what many do. Have you read the Bible cover to cover? Do you have daily devotions in which you read entire chapters of God's Word? Many will say they just don't have time yet those same people will make time for hours of TV watching or sports engagements. You see most of us have no real excuse.

Individualized Faith

Our consumer mentality has individualized salvation to a point we think the Bible is a special message to each of us. The Old and New Testaments describe God forming of a community of people that belong to him. The Bible is directed to you and your life but only within a community of believers.

The Bible is Not a Political Support System

The Bible doesn’t exist to vindicate our opinions or support our political views. When we read God's Holy Word through our identities as something other than a follower of Christ, we highlight isolated scripture that seemingly supports our arguments and then we ignore anything that should make us question our motives.

America has a biblical literacy problem. Yet even if most Christians started reading the bible everyday it would not solve the problem. Just as we have in our society many people who have allowed themselves to be indoctrinated with secular and political fantasies we also have many lukewarm Christians who only open the Bible to find for confirmation and fodder for their arguments and tweets!

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