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"Did you know that Israel’s tabernacle tent was designed as a symbolic garden of Eden? And did you know that Adam and Eve were proto-priests who lived and worked in the sacred space? In this video, we explore God’s plan for humanity to serve as royal priests over all creation and how the story of Jesus brings this priestly drama to its ultimate resolution." from video introduction.

The Bible Project Podcast - The Royal Priests of Eden

The fact that there’s cherubim stationed at the borders of the garden, that at the very center are all of these sacred trees, the gift of eternal life … the fact that God commanded the human here and that everything depends on humans hearing the divine command, the fact that what Adam and Eve don’t do to each other is relay the word of God to each other in the garden—it’s where the prophetic part comes in, where Adam and Eve were supposed to, ideally, be partners together. In that moment with the snake, one should have told the other, “No, this is what God said.” It’s all about the word of God. And it’s about the word of God getting twisted by a deceptive figure … So the priestly kings and queens are exiled from the Eden space, and from then on, what you’ll meet is these royal prophet-priest roles all fragmented and broken out now.... go to the above link for more about the Royal Priests.

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