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The Sleeping Child (Bob Chilcott) VOCES8

Updated: Oct 10, 2022

Video from VOCES8

"VOCES8 sings the new commission written for the ensemble by Bob Chilcott 'The Sleeping Child'. Thank you for all your support this past year, and wishing you all a very peaceful and happy Christmas. TEXT 'The Sleeping Child' by Charles Bennett Sleeping child, I wonder, have you a dream to share? May I see the things you see as you slumber there? I dream a wind that speaks, like music as it blows As if it were the breath of everything that grows. I dream a flock of birds flying through the night Like silent stars on wings of everlasting light. I dream a flowing river, deep as a thousand years, Its fish are frozen sorrow, its water bitter tears. I dream a tree so green, branches wide and long, And ev'ry leaf and ev'ry voice a song. I dream of a babe who sleeps, a life that's just begun. A word that waits to be spoken. The promise of a world to come." from video introduction.

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