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The Spirit of Man is the Candle of the Lord

man holding candle
The Candle of the Lord

Do you consider your sins, your daily sins, your besetting sins? Now many of us have time available to us that we have not had in the past. To make wise use of this time that cannot be replaced we should be making time for spiritual growth and reflection.

What is a besetting sin? A sin that has a strong hold on you, one you commit over and over like Envy, bitterness, pride, lust, covetousness, anger, malice, gossip, worry, swearing, rebellion against proper authority; actually, all the works of the flesh.

Each of us is unique and has our own trend toward certain sins. Our family life, our culture, our worldview all contribute to our specific sins. In general all humanity sins and we all commit many sins on a moment by moment basis.

When we sin we sin out of a reflex action with little to no premeditation. Our reaction is born out of our old sin nature.

We cannot be passive nor can we will our way to conquer sin. We must be empowered and filled by the Holy Spirit.

God is able to access our most inner being through the Candle of the Spirit. We can view the Candle as a spotlight by which God searches our soul. Nothing you think o do is hidden from God. All our sins will one day be revealed. That is why we must intentionally never be thinking or doing anything that would be offensive in the eyes of the Lord.

But we are not alone in our trend toward sin. Spiritual beings make regular attempts to influence your thoughts and actions.

Our Human Spirit created when we are given the breath of life is the means by which the Holy Spirit knows our thoughts, our sins. A sin is thought of before it is acted on.

The Holy Spirit does not just remove your sins without any effort on our part. Our sanctification is a lifelong process . We must be intentional in recognizing our sins and naming them in prayer. We must work at repenting, in changing our thinking and behavior.

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