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The Strangely Intimate Reality of Time Travel

Video from LSOO

"Though we have some freedom in our spatial dimensions, we are bound by just one temporal dimension, leaving us utterly at the mercy of time. It is therefore understandable that we have a natural desire to break free." from video introduction

Time. What is IT? Can we hold it in our hands? Can you follow it in some strange mysterious way? Science has so far been unable to define or truly understand time.

God has through his Holy Word indicated he set time in motion. What it is remains beyond our cognitive ability to understand and will no doubt remain so.

A recent movie Tenet from Director Christopher Nolan who is obsessed with time in his movies dos so in the mindset of a secular humanist. This is all we have, right now. The movie in a very convoluted fashion a presents mankind as once again trying to be God and control his destiny. We are still eating of the apple.

As stated in the video Director Andrei Tarkovsky referred to filmmaking as "sculpting in time". And that is true of our lives as we have a great deal of choices in our linear progression through our stories. yes we are all traveling through time together. Right now, the now we are experiencing is gone becoming the past never to be experienced again.

The Arrow of Time pushes us ever forward.....

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