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The Tabernacle and Sabbath (Part 3 of 11): Alastair Roberts - The Theopolis Institute

Video from The Theopolis Institute

"Alastair Roberts shows how the tabernacle relates to the garden of Eden, the Sabbath, and the theme of Bride and Bridegroom." from video introduction.

"First, the tabernacle is seen as a tented palace for Israel’s divine king. He is enthroned on the ark of the covenant in the innermost Holy of Holies (the Most Holy Place). His royalty is symbolized by the purple of the curtains and his divinity by the blue. The closer items are to the Holy of Holies, the more valuable are the metals (bronze→silver→gold) of which they are made.

The other symbolic dimension is Eden. The tabernacle, like the garden of Eden, is where God dwells, and various details of the tabernacle suggest it is a mini-Eden. These parallels include the east-facing entrance guarded by cherubim, the gold, the tree of life (lampstand), and the tree of knowledge (the law). Thus God’s dwelling in the tabernacle was a step toward the restoration of paradise, which is to be completed in the new heaven and earth (Revelation 21-22)." from the article: What Does the Tabernacle Symbolize?

The Tent or Tabernacle

As the story of history progresses, we begin to see Jesus as the ultimate fulfillment of these shadows & types (tent of meeting, The Tabernacle etc.) that Jesus is the true tabernacle.

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