The Tabernacle as Moveable Mountain (Part 2 of 11): Alastair Roberts - The Theopolis Institute

Video from The Theopolis Institute

"Alastair Roberts shows how the tabernacle is a moveable mountain, as God's presence leads his people through the wilderness." from video introduction.

Why was The Tabernacle a movable mountain?

Mount Sinai

"The design for the Tabernacle of Moses (or Tent of Meeting) was given to Moses by God while on Mount Sinai, and it is based upon the Tabernacle in Heaven (Hebrews 8:5. Exodus 25:40). This Earthly tabernacle was to prophetically point the way to God the Father through Jesus; therefore, no error was allowed in its construction. Furthermore, the building of the tabernacle reveals the ultimate desire of God our Father – to live amongst us His children (Exodus 25:8). Oh, the joy of God when He became flesh and dwelt amongst His people – Emmanuel (i.e., God with us)! (John 1:14)" from the article: The Tabernacle of Moses – God’s Heavenly Pattern for our Spiritual Transformation Part I: The Outer Court

The same God that meet Moses in the Tabernacle indwells us today! How extraordinary! Do we appreciate this grace gift, this miracle, this redemptive act of love and mercy?

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