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Tim Keller: Christians Will Be Purged From Govt & Schools, And "We Brought It On Ourselves"

Video from Woke Preacher Clips

“Christian nationalism works on fear and resentment,” Keller, founder and former pastor of Redeemer Church in New York City, said in an interview with the Church Leaders Podcast on Wednesday. “Friedrich Nietzsche said there is no truth. So you can't appeal to truth. What you appeal to is fear and resentment, and that's how you get power and that's how you win.” from the article: Tim Keller: Church's affiliation with Republicanism has given Christian nationalism 'a place to incubate'

"Famed pastor and author Timothy Keller shares his thoughts on "Christian Nationalism" and the book "Taking Back America For God," telling the Church Leaders Podcast that he agrees with "the Christian right" on policy but says the Republican Party's tone, particularly on LGBT issues, has wrought the imminent persecution of Christians in public life. --" from video introduction.

TRANSCRIPT HIGHLIGHTS-- "For the last 20 years the Christian right, though I usually would agree with their positions, I'm pro-life, I still don't think that same-sex marriage is a good idea for the country or people. So I would technically be agreeing with them, but you know how they raised their money. For 20 years, they sent out letters talking about how "You've got to send us money, because the gay people are going to try to come and take your children away, because they're evil and because the Democrats and the left are gonna destroy your religious liberty." They just said awful things and vilified people. It's one of the reasons why so many gay activists now just don't want to forgive evangelicals, because when they had a little more power in the '80s and '90s, that's how they raised their money. That's how they got people out. And weirdly enough, that's not the Christian way at all. The Christian way is, the way up is down. The way to rule is to serve. This is how Jesus did it. The way to get happy is to not think about your own happiness but the happiness of others. The way to get any influence is to empty yourself and be a servant. That's Jesus' way, and they're not doing that. They're actually using the Nietzschean way. And I think what that did was, by for a long time just keeping evangelicals frothing at the mouth about how everything is going so bad and making everybody so angry. By the way, things are getting bad for evangelicals. It's very possible. I am not in denial about the fact that ten years from now, if you have evangelical convictions about sex and gender, you may not be able to work for a major university or for the government or for a big corporation. And it's not that Christians haven't faced that other places in the past. We shouldn't be crybabies. Nevertheless, having said all that, yeah, we nurtured this. And Christian nationalists use that. And therefore, we brought it on ourselves." from video introduction.

I like Keller agree with many of the things that the so called Christian Right stands for yet like Keller I am certain that the misguided support of Trump as a hero and savior is going to have the opposite effect than what is desired.

Matt Johnson made the point better than I in his article: Trump, Idolatry, & White Evangelicals (link)

I was taught…

  • Honesty is the best policy.

  • Treat others the way you want to be treated.

  • Sexual purity is worth the wait.

  • Character & integrity matters.

  • I’m responsible for my own actions.

  • Spreading rumors and lies will always get you in trouble.

  • Everyone is made in God’s image.

The list of morals could go on and on…

I’m genuinely dumbfounded at the way I now see the majority of white American Evangelicals compartmentalize these foundational morals. They now seem to be optional on a sliding scale of convenience and function.

I see a Republican Party that's gone off the rails into the world of lies and conspiracies and many Christians are tagging along. What will be the result?

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