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To My Father: Documentary | Featuring Troy Kotsur

To My Father: Documentary - Featuring Troy Kotsur

"To My Father" is the story behind the speech that moved millions. Through American Sign Language (ASL), Troy narrates his courageous journey of achievement, drawing viewers into the world of the Deaf and presenting the challenges he faced to fit into the hearing world.

In March 2022, at the 94th annual Academy Awards, Troy Kotsur became the first Deaf man to take home the Best Supporting Actor Academy Award for his moving portrayal of Frank Rossi in CODA. During his emotional acceptance speech, Troy paid tribute to his dad, or as he so eloquently put it, his “hero”.

The film explores his inspirational relationship with his dad who made it his mission to excel at ASL so he could be the best possible father to Troy. While growing up, Leonard Kotsur instilled a deep belief into Troy that he could achieve anything he set out to accomplish, and encouraged him to "follow his spark" and pursue his passion for acting.

Troy Kotsur: “My dad raised a Deaf child in a time when the roadmap was not as available as it is today, but he navigated it with love. Crafting this film was an emotional journey. These are the stories that are important for us to share, and it is an honor for me to tell the world about my father. I’m the man that I am today because of my dad and this film is a tribute to him. Through this story, I hope to pass along pieces of the inspiration and wisdom that helped me through my most difficult times.”

"To My Father," and Troy’s personal story, are truly inspiring and contain valuable lessons that can help each of us overcome the setbacks and challenges we all inevitably come to face in our own lives." from video introduction

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