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Truth: The Only Rebellion Left - Dr. Everett Piper

Video from ILFamilyInstitute

"As of late, our society has come to the radical conclusion that truth itself is nothing but opinion. It has deemed the truth to be subjective, nothing more than your own personal beliefs or “lived experience.” The real truths of the world scare many people and make them cower in the corner, hiding from their unavoidable reality. In his impactful and thoughtful speech, Dr. Everett Piper dismantles society’s beliefs about truth through a Biblical lens and exhibits the consequences these beliefs will have. His unwavering, unapologetic, and firm defense of truth will arm you with the information you need to dismantle the Left’s arguments. Dr. Piper, an author and former president of Oklahoma Wesleyan University, shares with us the importance and cruciality of truth in our world. He explores how the denial of truth has led to an increase in violent ideology and tyranny. The Bible says that the truth will set us free, and as time moves forward, we can see how governments who deny the truth of scripture, Jesus, and reality have become increasingly overbearing and controlling. The denial of these things has not given us more freedom as they claim, but rather has contributed to governments with endless restrictions, rules, and control. As Dr. Piper explains, the denial of truth has and will continue to lead to oppression and despair. We see this in women’s sports where women are unfairly beat by men who have a distinct physical advantage. We can see this in abortion where the denial of life itself has contributed to the killing of millions and post-partum depression. We can see this in the gay agenda where denial of truth about marriage and family is bringing about willful child abuse as children are denied the complementary love of a father and mother as parents. During the Q&A segment, Dr. Piper answers any burning questions you may still have while also leaving us with hope for the future and practical ways we can fight back against the war on truth. He discusses issues such as public and Christian education; if the age of peaceful discussion is over; and the consequences of Christians staying silent about the LGBTQ agenda. Dr. Piper’s speech on the importance of truth will leave you with much to consider and a lot more knowledgeable on the situation we find ourselves and our country currently in." from video introduction


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