Wasting Away: Identical Twin Sisters' Heartbreaking Battle with Anorexia

Video from 60 Minutes Australia

"Rachel and Clare Wallmeyer are identical twins. They were beautiful, bright straight-A students. Then, when they were 14, their perfect world collapsed. Kilo by kilo, the twins began wasting away. For two decades the twins have been struggling with a deadly disease - one that affects thousands of Australian teenagers - anorexia. They are literally just skin and bone. They still live together and still share everything, including - tragically - a death wish. Quite simply, they've given up on life. But, thank goodness not every one has given up on them." from video introduction.

God’s Grace in My Anorexia

"If you’d met me 13 years ago, here’s what you’d have seen: A “successful” Christian, newly married to a pastor in training. The leader of a thriving children’s ministry with a bright future ahead. Someone who seemed to have it all together.

But there’s one part you might have missed: a young woman gripped by an eating disorder that would nearly take her life.

So how did I get there—and what has changed?

Hidden Story

It started when I turned 13. Until then I’d had an idyllic childhood. I knew who I was and where I belonged. But almost overnight, that started to change. My grandfather died. I moved schools. My body felt out of control—like a tanker, spilling flesh and hormones. In search of answers, I even started going to church.

The God I heard about was real and personal, and I resolved to follow him. But in retrospect, we were never properly intro­duced. My brand of Christianity had space for God, but not for Jesus. It talked about sin and rules, but less about grace. Sure, it paid lip service to God’s work on my behalf. But in practice it was up to me to prove myself..' from the article: God’s Grace in My Anorexia

"At Eating Recovery Center, treatment for anorexia begins with medical and psychiatric stabilization, including nutrition, rest, medication and management of co-occurring conditions as needed to restore stability and sufficient awareness to engage in therapeutic treatment.." from the website: Eating Recovery Center


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