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What Did John Actually See in the Tomb That Made Him the First to Believe?

Updated: Aug 13, 2023

Video from DTBM

What Did John Actually See in the Tomb That Made Him the First to Believe?

"Nothing in all of the Bible compares to the drama of John 20. In these short verses, we have the very heart of all we believe. Jesus Christ declared to be the Son of God – by the glorious power of the resurrection! Join me at daybreak just outside Jerusalem. It is Resurrection morning and we watch the scene at the tomb from the perspective of the God of Heaven and Earth—as He captures an incredible, inspired record of that moment. Each person and each event are captured as God wants us to see and remember them. Each of the following seven events is in exactly the order and emphasis that God wants you and me to have. His goal? Verse 31 of this chapter—so that we may believe His Word! If nothing else tonight remember that—God wants you to trust His Word! First, survey the scene with me and note the events of John 20. What were those 7 telltale proofs of Christ’s resurrection? They are all in John 20, verses 1-15. 1. A Stone Removed, four eyewitness accounts in the Gospels. They all agree! v. 1 2. An Empty Tomb, v. 2 The Tomb was sealed and guarded. The Tomb is empty. Then and to this day no dead body has ever been found! 3. An Absent Christ, v. 3. Neither friends nor foes took Him, but both find out that He is gone. 4. An Undisturbed Pile of grave clothes in the shape of Jesus is now deflated, lying UNDISTURBED, v. 5. The abandoned Grave clothes silently shout. 5. A Face Napkin that was tightly rolled up is still rolled as it was, v.7 6. A Witness from two ANGELS, v. 12 7. A Risen Christ giving Personal, Face-To-Face Meetings. It is JESUS, v. 15-18. Witnesses who saw Him alive. He Transformed the lives of His disciples. His Rising marked the New day of Worship for Christians. Let’s just pause over each of them briefly -- First--A STONE REMOVED " from video introduction.

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