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What Does It Mean To Be Human? - Dallas Willard Part 2

Updated: Jul 29

Video from Dallas Willard Ministries

What Does It Mean To Be Human?

"(Free study group starts Sept. 30! Details and notes linked below.) "We have to stand up in such a way, and lead our lives, so that people will realize that there is something better in life than they had ever dreamed." In this shockingly relevant talk from 2002, Dr. Willard shows us what it means to be human, including the purpose and nature of a human being, addresses the disappearance of moral knowledge and the impact it's had on the western world, shares Jesus's teachings on human nature, and concludes with practical ways we can become people who routinely and easily live the Great Commandment. The Way of Christ contains the body of moral knowledge for which the world is dying and we can become the guiding light for all of humanity. ** Join our FREE four-week, 30 minute, Zoom webinar, Thursdays, September 30-October 21, 8 AM or 4 PM (US Pacific) sponsored by Dallas Willard Ministries and Jesus College! For information or registration - ***Download fill-in-the-blank notes here:" from video introduction.


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