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What is an Evil Empire and is America One Also?

Nazi Quest for the Holy Grail - Nazis & the Aryans | History Documentary | Reel Truth History

"As WWII came to an end, American Troops discovered Nazi files in a cave in Southern Germany. These documents revealed a project to discover the lost Aryan civilisation from which the Nazis believed they had descended. This documentary uses rare footage as well as unseen photographs to help tell the story of three missions: a global search for the lost island of Atlantis, an expedition to find traces of the master race in the Himalayas, and an astonishing Nazi-sponsored quest for the mythical Holy Grail." from video introduction.

The people who lead the Nazi Party were deep into the occult. The Occult is clearly Satanism by another name. We seen it today and we know yet often ignore the damage that occultism has done in our popular culture. Even Quija Boards are beacons that attract demonic entities to humans.

Sidebar on The Dangers of Ouija Boards

This article was written by someone who is involved in the occult. If those involved in this have such concerns we being Christians should be aware and NEVER buy or use one of these so called games!

"Few items, if any, have as terrifying a reputation as the ouija board. Though you can easily pick one up at a local toy store, paranormal enthusiasts of all walks of life will tell you not to do it. Ouija boards are stigmatized as dangerous and unpredictable for a reason. The horror stories associated with them are reason enough for anyone to think twice before they try to use one.

That said, the choice to use a ouija board is yours to make. Some people have good experiences with them, while others regret ever touching one. If you do decide to use one, you might want to play safe by heeding these warnings while you reach out for contact.

Ouija Board Entities Can Be Demonic

This is common knowledge, but it still deserves to be mentioned again. Ouija boards don’t just contact the dead; they can contact other entities as well. Some of these entities aren’t human, nor were they ever human, to begin with. The possibility of summoning a demon using a ouija board is very real and should be something to watch out for when you use one.

It’s worth pointing out that this is the primary reason why people suggest using a ouija board in a salt circle and performing a cleanse with white sage after using a board. Keeping sage burning during your ouija time can prevent demonic activity from happening, but it’s not foolproof." from the article: OUIJA BOARD DANGER WARNINGS: A PARANORMAL ADVISORY

Christians in Name Only (CINO)

Our world is fallen, broken by sin and we are the worst of sinners each and every one of us. Yet we have been redeemed by our Lord, our sins payed for through his crucifixion and resurrection.

The world we live in is a battle zone, filled with spiritual warfare that most of us are ignorant of. We know but we ignore. Why? Modern Christians, many in America are biblically illiterate and lack any ambition to know more about their Lord and the amazing world in which we live.

The more ignorant we are the more those seeking to perpetrate harm against us can succeed.

From the spiritual realm, the invisible realm around us we are being tempted to sin or be distracted. People die before being introduced to the Gospel by evil entities and by evil humans.

America and the world are succumbing to many deceptions right now.

We are worshipping men, politicians like Trump, Putin and others.

We claim to be faithful to Christ yet we do not know him, we have no personal relationship, we are Christians in name only.

America the Great Satan & God's Remnant

Iran is right when it characterizes our nation as the Great Satan, we are in many ways.

Yet they do not do so because they are a righteous people or nation but because they are evil and desire our destruction.

America is hypocritical and we have killed many innocent people over the years just as Russia (an evil empire) kills many in the Ukraine today.

Within America there remains a remnant of mature and serious Christians that say little but pray a lot and serve those around them.

You and I can be faithful to our Lord without becoming like the world around us.

We must be repentant in our thinking and doing, we must commit to a relationship with Christ and not just pretend we know him!

Can We Become Like Nazi Germany?

Yes we can and God will allow us just as he allowed Israel to destroy itself over and over.

Right now the warning signs are there as we remain apathetic about the evil of the Marxist socialist in our nation, the Biden administration and the equally dangerous Fascist Donald Trump.

America can be an even more evil empire than we are now.

What have we done to make the world a more depraved place? We have exported pornography to the world, to destroy culture, marriages and much more. We are the worlds largest arms dealer, we have become corrupt and only care about wealth and not people, theses are but a few.

How Much Good has the United States Really Done in the World

"An actual handwritten letter, stamped and delivered by the Postal Service, landed in my mailbox recently. That was startling enough, but the content was even more arresting. A reader posed a provocative question.

“Based on your long and wide-ranging experience,” he wrote, “are you able to say whether or not, in your adult lifetime, the government of the United States has ever undertaken a single decent, honorable, or well-intentioned action outside our borders?”

It’s an interesting challenge. Few impartial observers would agree with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s assertion that “every place we go, America is a force for good.” You might think precisely the opposite if you’re an Iranian unable to buy food or medicine because of American sanctions; if you’re a Syrian trying to survive a civil war that was fueled in part by United States; if you live under a repressive regime that enjoys American support, like those in Saudi Arabia and Honduras; or if you’re a Yemeni hoping that a US-made missile won’t blow up your home tonight. Yet even leaving hyperbole behind, the United States can point with justified pride to some of what it has done in the world over the last few generations...

..The United States has brought much good to the world. It has also wreaked much havoc. Which outweighs the other? It is a question for each of us to answer according to our own scale of values. Whichever path future presidents choose, they have plenty of history on their side." from the article: How much good has the United States really done in the world?

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