What is the Truth?- Four Lies the Culture Tells About the Truth

Video from Cold Case Christianity

"In this episode of the Cold-Case Christianity Broadcast, J. Warner examines four popular misconceptions and misstatements about the nature of objective truth, tolerance and our over-reliance on science. If there are no objective truths (or they can’t be known) there is little reason to examine the truth about God. We need to get to the truth about truth before we can ever know the truth about anything else." from video introduction.

Pilot said to our Lord, "What is truth?" Pilate first speaks to Jesus in Aramaic. Jesus then responds in Latin.

Video from Crist'óCentro

"What is the Truth? Do we recognize it when we hear it? Pontius Pilate, a confused leader, in a 2000 year old conversation (yet strangely relevant today) acknowledges his inability to do it by himself. In this touching excerpt of "The passion of the Christ", the eternal words of Jesus echo: "Those who listen to my voice, listen to the Truth." from video introduction

Pilate is troubled and asks his wife Claudia what is the truth, how do you know it? She responds, "If you will not hear the truth no one can tell you."

Do you hear the truth when it is spoken?

In our culture today truth once again has been placed in the category of "moral relativism" and expressive individualism. As sinful prideful humans we have declared before man and before God what the truth is, according to us. Satan must be proud! Yet as it was with Satan our truth is a lie.

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