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What's Happening To Evangelicalism? -Michael Reeves

Updated: Dec 15, 2023

Video from Crossway

What's Happening To Evangelicalism? -Michael Reeves

"In today's episode, Michael Reeves discusses the term “evangelical” and the different ways it’s often used in our culture today, how we should respond to the cultural baggage often associated with the term, and the crucial theological underpinnings of a truly evangelical worldview. The Crossway Podcast Episode 169 April 4, 2022 ★ Additional episodes: Intro 0:52 What Does It Mean to Be an Evangelical? 13:19 Does Evangelicalism Have a Theological Foundation? 16:09 Global Evangelicalism vs. American Evangelicalism 18:11 3 Theological Distinctives of Evangelicalism 22:04 Does Belief in the Supremacy of Scripture Result in Shallow Theology and Disunity? 28:25 How Central Is the Doctrine of Inerrancy to Evangelicalism? 31:26 The Heart of Evangelical Integrity" from video introduction.

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