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Where the Holy Spirit Fits in the Bible's Supernatural Narrative - Dr. Michael Heiser

Video from Dr. Michael S. Heiser

"The Spirit is all over the place: From the presence in the tabernacle and the temple, to the same presence indwelling believers, which makes us sacred space." from video introduction

For those of you that have studied Dr. Heiser's books you will be saddened to know that his pancreatic cancer is terminal and per a Facebook post only has weeks to live. We will miss him and his knowledge. Praise be to God in this time of sorrow. - Andy

Bible Scholar Dr. Michael Heiser Shares Bleak Diagnosis

"..In the case of renowned Bible scholar Dr. Michael Heiser, medical science has reached its limits and only God would be able to heal his body.

"I am at the end of the road in the late stage (4) of a very aggressive pancreatic cancer," Heiser shared on a Facebook post Sunday, Jan. 22. "Nothing to date has reversed the tumor's status. It has now invaded the upper GI and stomach areas causing slow, uncontrollable bleeding. No one on my medical team has a solution or knows of one. During the latest endoscopy an effort was made to cauterize as many of the bleeding points as possible to at least slow the bleeding. In essence, I am bleeding out at a slow rate with no solution.".. from the article: Bible Scholar Dr. Michael Heiser Shares Bleak Diagnosis


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