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Who Was Melchizedek & Why is He Important to Us? (Biblical Stories Explained)

Video from Grace Digital Network

"►Speech is completely original and produced exclusively by Grace Digital Network ►Music licensed through ►Footage licensed through and Storyblocks ►Animation: Tina Davidson ►Writer: David Kolawole All scripture animations are derived from the King James Bible (KJB) or simply the Authorized Version (AV) Our purpose, when making these videos, is to make quality educational motivational videos and share these with our viewers. Note: We own copyright to the footages and background music used in this video." from video introduction.

Who Is Melchizedek?

"Despite being one of the least mentioned and most obscure figures in the Old Testament, Melchizedek, the king-priest of Salem, is foundational for understanding how Jesus occupies the offices of king and priest—a dual honor that finds little to no precedent among Israelite kings.

But who exactly is this mysterious figure? How does this dynastic order help us to better understand the nature of Christ’s kingly and priestly roles?

King Who Prepares the Table

Melchizedek commands a disproportionate amount of importance in redemptive history compared to the amount of space devoted to him in Scripture. His name literally means “king of righteousness,” and he rules over the city of Salem (or, “shalom,” meaning cosmic, harmonious peace).." from the article: Who Is Melchizedek?


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