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Why an Ordinary Life Can Be a Good Life!

Updated: Nov 22, 2022

Video from The School of Life

"The modern age equates a good life with being extraordinary and distinguished. But the truth is likely to be quite different: learning to cherish and appreciate an ordinary life belongs to wisdom and the art of living. “We live in an age with a high regard for extraordinary lives – that is, lives that the vast majority of us will never lead. Our heroes have made outsized fortunes, appeared on gigantic screens and demonstrated unique virtue and talent. Their achievements are both dazzling and continuously, in the background, humiliating…” You can read more on this and other subjects on our blog, here:" from video introduction.

Our Lord lived an ordinary life! Christ found in the ordinary lives of people, people who were sick and in need of being saved. He also found the faithful. Our Secular culture bloated with individual expressionism blinds us to the reality of how an ordinary life is often the best life. Sadly many of our young people have been influenced into thinking that "fame" is what life is all about. We know that this is a short term folly and like money, sex, food etc. leads to nothing.

So be ordinary, relax, fame is not for you unless God gifts it to you. You only have one person to please and that is Christ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Forget Not the Lord!

Pick up your bibles, pray, confess, repent, flee sin and serve your Lord!


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