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Why Do Christians Have So Many Problems? - Dr. David Jeremiah

Video from David Jeremiah

"Learn how the difficulties in life can provide greater opportunities, promote spiritual maturity, and more, in Dr. David Jeremiah's message about Christians encountering problems in life. See more from Dr. David Jeremiah in the description below 👇 00:00 - Reputation vs. Character 04:43 - Dr. Jeremiah's message - "Why Do Christians Have So Many Problems?" 26:57 - One last word from Dr. Jeremiah" from video introduction.

"..Hello, I'm David Jeremiah, agreeing with you that problems

are a problem.

We wish we didn't have them, but we do.

And there are two answers to why we have problems.

The first answer is because we live in a fallen world.

We can't change that at the moment, so we need

to focus on the second answer.

We have problems so God can use them to change our lives

into the image of his Son.

Today's message is entitled, "Why Do Christians Have

So Many Problems?"

And I'm going to give you five good reasons.

We're in a series called "10 Questions Christians

Are Asking," and today's question is

an important one...' from Transcript.


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