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Why the MAGA "Holy War" on Taylor Swift Matters

Why the MAGA "Holy War" on Taylor Swift Matters
Why the MAGA "Holy War" on Taylor Swift Matters

O how far we have fallen!

There was a time when some public figures understood the necessity and virtue of "taking the high ground"(to act morally in times of tension or disagreement).

Even more so many Americans and many Christians also included this way of thinking as part of their worldview.

Today with the breakdown of the family, sexual sins normalized and a growing culture of inhumility and grievance we find that many people have lost any sense of character and virtue.

The real problem with the divison in America is not Trump but most of us!

Trump has failed the leadership test over and over and so have many Americans.

We have become a society of whiners, incapable of taking responsibility for our actions/sins and all to quick to blame someone else.

The juvenile, foolish and immature antics that rule our thoughts, like this obsession with Taylor Swift by Trump devotees creates a culture of jealously and revenge.

Don't let yourself be drawn into this culture of self-destruction!

Pray, seek God, repent and turn to helping others during this culture war and not seeking their destruction!

Why the MAGA "Holy War" on Taylor Swift Matters

Donald Trump and the MAGA movement's strange obsession with Taylor Swift tells us a lot about who THEY are - but what does it tell us about who WE are?" from video introduction

Trump Allies Pledge ‘Holy War’ Against Taylor Swift

"Taylor Swift hasn’t even endorsed Joe Biden’s 2024 campaign, but Trump is already privately grousing he’s “more popular” than her

Singer-songwriter Taylor Swift hasn’t even endorsed President Joe Biden for reelection yet. That hasn’t stopped members of MAGAland’s upper crust from plotting to declare — as one source close to Donald Trump calls it — a “holy war” on the pop megastar, especially if she ends up publicly backing the Democrats in the 2024 election.

According to three people familiar with the matter, Trump loyalists working on or close to the former president’s campaign, longtime Trump allies in right-wing media, and an array of outside advisers to the ex-president have long taken it as a given that Swift will eventually endorse Biden (as she did in 2020). Indeed, several of these Republicans and conservative media figures have discussed the matter with Trump over the past few months, the sources say.

While Swift has not yet issued an endorsement in the 2024 race, The New York Times reported Monday that Swift is a key name on Biden aides’ “wish lists of potential surrogates.” A potential Swift appearance at Super Bowl LVIII alongside her boyfriend, Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce, has already prompted the MAGA right’s culture-war pugilists into a conspiracy-fueled froth about how this NFL season has been rigged to boost Biden.

Behind the scenes, Trump has reacted to the possibility of Biden and Swift teaming up against him this year not with alarm, but with an instant projection of ego. In recent weeks, the former president has told people in his orbit that no amount of A-list celebrity endorsements will save Biden. Trump has also privately claimed that he is “more popular” than Swift and that he has more committed fans than she does, a person close to Trump and another source with knowledge of the matter tell Rolling Stone...." from the article:

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