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Why We Know the Mind is Something OTHER Than the Brain; The Case for the Soul - Part 2

Video from Cold Case Christianity with J Warner Wallace

"Are minds the same as brains? If they aren’t, how can we tell them apart? What evidence do we have to make such a decision? J. Warner joins Eric Hovind from Creation Today to talk about the evidence for the soul." from video introduction.

Our brain is Physical, it can be measured while our mind cannot be measured. For those who insist on empirical evidence it is prudent to point out the many ideas in physics that are theories looking for evidence i.e. they cant be measured or photographed etc.

Your physical brain is publically accessible while your thoughts are not.

Then there is "intentionality", our thoughts have purpose, they are about something physical.

J Warner Wallace goes on to describe other ways our immaterial brain is different than the material brain.

Interested in learning more about our unique Souls? Consider Qualia!

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