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Ancient Monuments of Egypt

Updated: Sep 22, 2022

"The stunning sites and monuments of Ancient Egypt, built between 4.6 and 2 thousand years ago. Three UNESCO World Heritage Sites: - Pyramid fields of Giza, Saqqara and Dahshur - Ancient Thebes (Luxor) with its necropolis - Nubian monuments from Abu Simbel to Philae. Locations in the video: The Pyramids of Giza (0:01) - built for the pharaohs Khufu (Cheops), Khafre (Chefren), The Sphynx, Khufu Solar Boat (1:03), Djoser's Step Pyramid at Saqqara (2:11), Dahshur- Sneferu's Red Pyramid (2:46), Dahshur-Bent Pyramid (3:16), Ancient Thebes/Luxor: Karnak Temple (3:47), Luxor Temple (6:23), Valley of the Kings (7:24), Hatshepsut Temple (8:28), Colossi of Memnon (9:13), Baloon Flight over the West Bank of Nile (9:31), Deir el-Medina (11:47), Medinet Habu Temple (12:14), Ramesseum (13:59), Temple of Edfu (14:52), Temple of Kom Ombo (15:28), Aswan: Philae Temples (16:38), Abu Simbel (18:03). Recorded April 2017 in 4K Ultra HD with Sony AX100. Music: To Life! - Tasabasaba - 05 - Whirling Angelight - Awakening of the Source - 04 - Spirit Symbol Luke Gartner-Brereton - Ronroco Dreaming - 04 - Sojourn Licensed via" from video introduction.

"Egypt, one of the earliest and grandest civilizations of the ancient world, figures prominently in the biblical narrative.

Situated in the northeast corner of Africa, Egypt connects to the Holy Land via the Sinai Peninsula. In Bible times, the life-source of Egypt was the Nile River, which provided the area’s only supply of water for drinking and irrigation. At the end of the rainy season, the river would swell and flood the Nile Valley, carrying nutrient-rich silt to replenish the valley’s fertility. The main crops produced in the region were barley, spelt, beans, lentils, cucumbers, onions, grapes, and figs.

Egypt appears first in the biblical narrative in the story of Abraham when a severe famine struck Canaan, causing the patriarch and his family to sojourn in Egypt (Genesis 12:10–20). While there, the Pharaoh took Sarah into his palace to be part of his royal harem, but he returned her to Abraham after God intervened... from the article: What is the significance of Egypt in the Bible?

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