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Are You Ready to Face Your Lord?

Updated: Mar 1

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Are You Ready to Face Your Lord?

Are you ready to face our Lord?

If you die today are you ready?

Today people will leave their homes and die. It will be unexpected. They will stand before their creator-Christ Jesus. Every day According to the World Health Organization, 56 million people die each year, which is an average of about 153,424 people each day, which of course fluctuates. All those people, some them your friends and family are instantly in the presence of Christ.

Were they ready? The pressing and important question is are you ready, are you doing anything, thinking anything that you would not want the Lord to see if you stood before him right now? Are you involved in indwelling and persistent sins that dishonor God, you, and your family?

Johnathon Edwards stated that He resolved to not be doing anything that he would not want the Lord to see should he come or be before him.

Repentance means to recognize that our sin is offensive to God. Repentance can be shallow, such as the remorse we feel because of fear of punishment (like Cain) or it can be deep, such as realizing how much our sins cost Jesus Christ and how his saving grace washes us clean.

Slow down, be contemplative. Your daily busyness will not serve you or save in the end. Be grateful for what you have today. BE in the moment, this is all you have.

Many people have discovered they are not invincible and have died from the current pandemic. Life is short and fragile.

Psalm 90:12 Teach us to realize the brevity of life, so that we may grow in wisdom.

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