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Christianity Has Nothing to Fear from Science — Stand to Reason Podcast

Updated: Dec 28, 2022

Video from Stand to Reason

"Greg talks about what science can and cannot determine when it comes to religious claims, then he talks to callers about whether there was a doctrine he couldn’t have seen in the Bible on his own and why God isn’t partly responsible for whether or not we follow him if he created our personalities. 0:00 Update on Greg's upcoming book and video study series 1:55 An end-of-year call to action 6:29 Christianity has nothing to fear from science 31:43 One thing that consciousness is not 38:08 Was there a doctrine that had to be explained to you because you couldn’t have seen it in the Bible on your own? 51:20 If God created our personalities, why is he not partly responsible for whether or not we decide to follow him?' from video introduction

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