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Did We Miss Key Clues from the Bible about Human History?

Video from Answers from Genesis

"New biblical discoveries” is a dangerous phrase. The Bible is unchanging, and announcements of “new” findings in the Word of God should be met with suspicion. On the other hand, the Bible is a large book that requires a lifetime of study to master. It provides the only infallible account of the history of the human race, and mastery of all the details also demands diligent effort. Might we have neglected some plain signposts in the text that illuminate the earliest events of human civilization? Tune in to find out! Featuring Dr. Nathaniel Jeanson and Ken Ham." from video introduction.

Can we be open minded?

Americans have become notoriously ignorant about history in general and Biblical history in particular.

Here is a video that requires we consider that history as we know it may not be exactly as it happened. - Andy


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