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Disconnected from Reality: How Smartphones & Social Media Promote a Schizophrenic-Like Condition

Video from Academy of Ideas


“I am body entirely, and nothing beside.” Friedrich Nietzsche, Thus Spoke Zarathustra

Many people spend more time staring at screens, than interacting with the real world. Hour-upon-hour, day-after-day, it is just eyes and ears that act as inputs, and mouths and fingers that act as outputs. We are a population, in the words of the author Matthew Walker, whose “minds are elsewhere than our bodies” (Matthew Walker, The World Beyond Your Head) In this video we are going to explore how excessive use of screen-based technologies, be it televisions, computers, smartphones, or social media, disconnects us from our body and pushes us toward a schizophrenic-like manner of experiencing the world.

“The distinction between mind and body is an artificial dichotomy. . .The continuity of nature knows nothing of those antithetical distinctions which the human intellect is forced to set up as aids to understanding.” Carl Jung, Psychological Types.." from the transcript

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