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Eric Weinstein - Why Does The Modern World Make No Sense?

Eric Weinstein is one of my favorite academians simply because he speaks with reason and common sense.

In this long 3 hour interview Weinstein covers a variety of subjects with insight and intellectual honesty.

Watch it all if you have time.

Video from Chris Williamson

Eric Weinstein - Why Does The Modern World Make No Sense?

"Eric Weinstein is a mathematician, economist, former managing director of Thiel Capital and a podcaster. It's a rough time to be a human. The massive increase in information we have access to has made understanding the world harder, not easier. Whether it's higher education, culture, physics, or pretty much anything else, life can be very confusing. Expect to learn what Eric thinks about the most recent furore coming out of Harvard, why the world of physics has made no progress in decades, why Jeffrey Epstein was interested in Stephen Hawking, how much truth there is in the recent flurry of stories about inter-dimensional extraterrestrials, Eric's predictions for the 2024 election and much more... - 00:00 The Downfall of Harvard 11:02 Is This the End of DEI? 22:14 Are Legacy Admissions a Bad Thing? 29:58 Why Stephen Hawking is in the Epstein Documents 38:45 The Problem With String Theory 52:45 When Will it Be Time to Put String Theory Down? 56:00 The Current State of Aliens & UFOs 1:05:00 Technology Required for Aliens to Come to Earth 1:18:29 Why Can’t We Say Certain Things? 1:23:59 Eric’s Predictions for the 2024 Election 1:35:55 Wanting Fame is Like Wanting to Be on the Titanic 1:53:16 Society’s Nostalgia for a Unifying Narrative 1:59:57 Is There Power in Prayer? 2:15:14 Why Teenage Boys Are Becoming More Right-Wing 2:30:20 The Rising Trend of Toxic Compassion 2:38:10 The Letter Churchill Received From His Father 2:44:40 Why the UK Makes Eric Angry 2:55:37 What’s Next for Eric" from video introduction

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